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Tricks Of The Trade

by F.O.D.

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RANDOM THOUGHTS ON A SATURDAY I think I’ve had enough today I need to get out These broken wings can’t fly away I’m stuck without a reason I feel like burning all inside If you could run, you’d hide I know you don’t take care of your own Fall down and then you put the blame on the others I’m sorry it came down to this A draining and a Judas kiss I feel like burning all inside The reasons you put forth The confidence you tore You always wanted more A fair amount of regret I deplore And if I stay here, I will most likely break and close (off) myself to what you say to me I know I won’t be able to positively join you in the things you do Though I’m trying, so why can’t you
MY DAILY VALENTINE As I got in the bathroom yesterday she passed me by, all naked, she just blew me away With a little smile she made everything worthwhile Happy thoughts to get me through today You know, my knowledge of the English language is quite insufficient to completely, thoroughly, explain what this means to me and how I’m amazed she likes to be close to me She knows what heaven is And she’s to me my daily Valentine She and me are wasting precious time I still can’t believe it’s true, after all I put her through, that she loves me too We got married many years ago We did what couples do: we got a house, three kids that grow up to be just like mom and dad So satisfied Life as we know it is bona fide She forgives me when I fuck up, keeps me sane She covers up when I’m the one to blame She understands me when I’m drifting in a million different ways She always stays
WELCOME TO THE SHOW There’s a place where I go to now and then Filled with only decent people, some of them have become friends And if you think ‘that’s where I want to be too’ You’re always welcome here There’s a place not always frequented by many Possibly Sammy, Joëlle, Finger, maybe Little Moon or Pee Or Werner, whose name sounds weird in English And all the members of the bands I look up to Welcome to the show Welcome to the show that leaves me feeling better, makes me wanting more There’s a place where there’s always someone I know Maybe Fie or maybe Katrien (who once said for 50 dollars she would blow, of course that’s minus taxes and a tip) That’s what Canada can do to you Now that I mentioned I’d like to take the opportunity to thank mister Ryan And all the people that have booked us and came to see us play I hope you’ll always feel welcome to the show
NOT EVEN FOR ONE DAY Have you lately talked about regret? Have you thought about leaving here instead? There is nothing left to prove, you can go on You’re quite familiar with the feeling there is nothing left to do There’s no shame in admitting no one’s understanding you To think they really care, you’re probably wrong If you leave, you’re all alone Maybe you’ll do better on your own And though you’ll feel more peaceful then Still you have to understand you’ll need to go out sometime If you leave you’re all alone Maybe you’ll do better on your own I hope you’ll feel more peaceful then Sometimes you feel like you’re hanging by a thread They force you to push yourself instead of stepping out, go your own way When there is nothing left to say, you’ll never be a king, not even for one day
Sing Along 00:38
SING ALONG Why don’t you try to sing along to this one? I’ll narrow down and only keep what’s really useful I’ll make sure it won’t last long Heart inspired and based on everything I make up and recall For anyone who likes it, I will gladly take a bow But I’m the one who has to like it first, right here and now
DEAR GRACE Dear Grace I’ve been thinking about this for a long time now I saw, by mere coincidence, your pictures and I found myself staring at the screen for a while, feeling numb and wondering how anyone could do this to anybody else and voluntarily ruin lives Dear Grace Dear Grace I really do admire the way you give back hope I can’t imagine how much strength it takes for them to pose for a photograph, there for all the world to see, and so taking back control of the words once used against them All these messages that hit me like a stone It was long ago that I’ve been hit so hard And the platform you provide for people you don’t even know Helping to survive and healing them through art Dear Grace I hope you’re not at all offended by this song You’ve created something bigger, something strong Dear Grace Note : Project Unbreakable was founded by Grace Brown in 2011. You should check it out at projectunbreakable.tumblr.com. It is definitely worth your attention.
HISTORY WILL PROVE US WRONG Destination is unknown But the feeling something’s wrong still grows That the day will come this all will end No one knows when Nations built on well-sold lies Self-importance rises, welfare dies And conceived what’s lying underneath Facing defeat Great minds think alike consuming life and breathing space Strange how they decided what’s to keep and what’s to erase History will prove us wrong Blame me for being unaware But the more I see, the more I care As I get more conscious every day Well, so should they
TRICKS OF THE TRADE By the end of the week we’ve got to start to reflect on all the songs we did create for an album we might call ‘Tricks Of The Trade’ It took a year to write forty minutes of music, carefully chosen and approved And I’m confident to say it’s the best we could do Intended to be faithful and sincere Like the record we put out last year Want to sit down and write again … Let go! It’s finally today! Leaving behind what might have been and go! It’s finally today! I know that I’m gonna doubt, I know that I’m gonna think: ”No one’s gonna like this! No one’s gonna care!” And at the same time I’ll be quietly walking on air I’ll be writing again sometime next year Just a way to pass my time, enjoying what I do Maybe we’ve improved, maybe we just can’t live up to expectations
HOMEWARD BOUND I could use a little hideaway sometimes Whenever sensory overload might arise A little place of my own where I slowly kill my time I wanna go home I wanna go home now I wanna go to a place where I know there is peace to be found For a moment I was biting off more than I could chew But there is only so much you can really do You want me to do it all and there’s a chance you’ll disapprove I wanna go home I wanna go home now I wanna go to a place where I know there is peace to be found In the end I am homeward bound I know that I can’t do everything you want me to I’ll try and keep up like before I hate to let you down It’s not that I’m not trying to You’ve never noticed that I couldn’t do more I’ll decide what to do And I’ll never be like you
LITTLE PRINCESS (FOR LENTE) She’s been jumping up and down the room It’s almost like she’s dancing all the time She’s poetry and I’m as proud as can be She’s up for having lots of fun When bothered she will try to keep her calm She’s so much like her mom, I’m glad she is, too She’ll probably sing this song and won’t go out of key I’m always amazed ‘bout what she does at the age of three She’s making up songs as she goes along Creative and full on We’ve agreed she’ll always be my little girl I wonder what she’ll do when she stops playing with dolls I think she’ll graduate as a princess after all I’m proud of everything she carries out She’s fun to have around Guaranteed she’ll always be my little girl
Nevermore 02:48
NEVERMORE Once and nevermore Everything you might have heard before I’m merely trying not to repeat The feeling it’s impossible to impress or improve You can change your point of view I could not care less No surprises, no way to pretend It’s obvious, I lost it along the way Average (or below?), well, that’s the price I have to pay I’ll take this day by day Now let me just analyze the quality of what I’ve got I’m entitled to reject or like a lot Knowing not or caring about the efforts made or how straight from the heart, the blood and sweat, the tears that stain, I tear apart I’m ignorant to whatever’s hidden there between the lines I’m not on the losing side Never made for you Passing phases I observed, went through I knew you’d try to really understand I don’t want to explain it all It’s time for letting go What’s past is gone, you just don’t need to know
CEASE TO EXIST Funny how the mind evolves in time Some memories have faded and others (are) standing tall How we tried to reach for higher ground Not knowing where to look for and often not looking at all No one there at curtain call This is the last one Nobody’s waiting All is said and done We’re getting way too old for this A legacy lying forgotten and collecting dust We cease to exist Promises were broken, decisions made And nothing for the better Nothing more and nothing less And yes, I really think this has potential But you should add a little more of something I can’t grasp The quality we’re looking for: essential A troubled mind and a walk on broken glass
HOW CAN YOU LEAVE ME IF YOU NEVER LET ME STAY I’ve been trying to convince you I’m the only one And I’m sure that you will need me when I’m gone Instead of making me your muse, you leave me doubting and confused When you tell me: “How can I miss you if you never go away?” You say you’re gonna hit me in the face if I get close to you Humiliate me in front of my two friends You would hurt me from the start, walk away and break my heart Oh baby, how can you leave me if you never let me stay How can you leave me if you never let me stay?
Mine To Me 01:25
MINE TO ME So I’ve heard you’ve been talking behind my back Telling people this band sucks and that we do lack What is needed to be punk according to you and your rules You’ve been wondering where this band did come from and why We played all these shows, few did turn a blind eye I honestly can’t tell you because the mystery Is equally big to me Tell me have you ever been judged without cause You’re so keen on getting your ideas across It’s insecurity Tell me have you ever been judged without cause You’re so keen on getting your ideas across Is this integrity? I know that I shouldn’t care, I should turn around and leave But there’s an awkward feeling lurking underneath I’m not gonna join this charade, I’m up and away Yours to you, leave what is mine to me Leave what is mine to me We cannot all agree I was blind but now I see Just leave what’s mine to me
She 01:42
SHE It’s alright to state that I’m not the nicest person you could hope to meet Hey, it’s one of those days She should have known There’s a mood swing here and there and back and forth and up and down She should have known To run away, it’s an option to consider before it’s too late To change her mind She should have known In the end she should have gone for improvement, a little more than this She should have known Contemplating, so frustrating Bail out or move on So elated, overrated Who would care if you were gone Not everyone grows up to be an ass but I think I’m standing out I perfect the art She should have known Silent waters may run deep, the risk of drowning’s there, she knows She should have known She should have known After all is said and done, she chose to stay around with me She should have known
SOMETHING MORE Got a job I don’t mind doing every day But I want something more, I want something more Keep my family close, they make me feel okay I want something more, I want something more Why not sports? They keep you in good shape Beating other people isn’t my way to escape I know some prefer to sit and watch TV I want something more, I want something more Watching sitcoms doesn’t seem to appeal to me I want something more, I want something more I found something I can understand On my way to start a punk rock band You say I should really act my age What’s the point? No good comes from getting on a stage And I want something more
SOUNDTRACK OF MY LIFE I put ‘‘Til It Kills’ on repeat yesterday I had some time on my hands, so long ago that I played this one And suddenly I found myself slightly going back to my college days when I had this one on tape There is a song, it hasn’t aged for a bit There is a song, can’t put my finger on it But it gets to me every time This is a part of the soundtrack of my life So now I’m playing all these records again The ones I got to know when I was in my teens And I spent every cent that I saved on the ones I would play till I knew them all by heart I knew them all by heart And now long gone are the stores where I bought ‘Everything sucks’, ‘The Daily Grind’ Do you remember ‘4-Wheel Vibe’?


released September 23, 2014

All songs written by Hans Roofthooft and F.O.D.
Produced, recorded and mixed and Dirk Miers, De Studio - Asse
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, New York
Artwork by John Meloche
Label: Funtime Records, Effervescence Records


all rights reserved



F.O.D. Lier, Belgium

F.O.D. is a four piece Belgian punkrock band.
The band is notorious for its catchy vocal harmonies and short melodic songs, all wrapped in their own authentic sound.

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