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girlband Holy Shit. Addicting as Fuck. It's been years since I've enjoyed a band this much. Rock on dudes!
Jan Reynders
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Jan Reynders A triumph! The next level with this release. Starting with tracks that remind us of their previous records, they enter new territories by adding orchestral and progressive parts. You are sucked into their sonic universe and swept away by vocal lines that recall The Beatles. "On an island" is a case in point, very nice track. The next tracks expand into more versatile proggy tracks, with "Main Street" as an absolute highlight, which us reminds of DT's "Scenes",high quality prog punkrock! Favorite track: Main Street.
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A new story telling album that takes you on a journey through time.
Each record will come with an actual book that has its own artwork, which contains the story of the quiet town of Sleepville and its inhabitants.
About the music: they ignore the boundaries of punk rock for this release, does that spark your imagination enough??


released March 12, 2020

Music and lyrics: Hans Roofthooft
Produced, recorded and mixed by Tim Van Doorn, Big Dog Recordings.
Mastered at West West Side Music.
Artwork by Jelle Meys.
Book/story by Katrien Verschoren
Label: Bearded Punk Records, Wiretap Records, Thousand Island Records


all rights reserved



F.O.D. Lier, Belgium

F.O.D. is a four piece Belgian punkrock band.
The band is notorious for its catchy vocal harmonies and short melodic songs, all wrapped in their own authentic sound.


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Track Name: Sleepville guaranteed

In this town all days are more or less the same
Everyone knows what to do
Only routine remains
You grow up, fall in line
A small town made design
All according to what they say

We hold our traditions dear
No need for distraction
You’ll find everything you need
We guard your safety here
Sleepville guaranteed

In this town where everyone knows everyone
There are smiles and greetings
All is well under the sun
Deception and deceit stay hidden underneath
Goodnight kiss when all is said and done
Track Name: Days Of Future Passed

I don’t care whether it rains or not
I know I’m gonna spend all I’ve got
Been learning for so long
I’m out to make new memories
A small escape from reality
Eight weeks, I’ll be far gone
I hope I can spend this with you
So far from what we are supposed to do

After looking forward for all these months
To the best time of every year, it all went fast
Now as summer went I’ll be holding on
To the days of future passed

There will be more, still far away
I’m back to the things I do every day
And weeks now feel like years
The aftermath takes me away
To the lake where we went swimming naked every day

It’s comforting to share this feeling
I’ll walk home but won’t find you there
A place where safety still has meaning
Good to know that someone really cared
Track Name: Fall In Line

So, dear past,
You have taught me all I know
Different memories, some stayed, some had to go
Lessons learned, stories heard
Tossed and turned
I have tried to watch from all sides
Leave what I don’t need behind

By now I think I know what I can do and what I can’t
I’m ready to spread my wings and turn my dreams into plans
I may not be successful but I know it will be mine
But I’ll never fall in line

Now, dear past,
I will move straight ahead
We both know all is done and all is said
You can’t guide me now
I can do without any doubt you might cast
upon me and my high aspirations
I’ll take what’s mine
Track Name: Riverview

I’ve lived many lives, it’s not over yet
I’ve moved out, a different mindset
Stuck in a room with a view in the burning sun

The rest of my days at Riverview
I wish I could spend them here with you
Feeling you holding me
All’s just a memory
Old people used to be young when the young weren’t even there
(Just a reflection)

Tired of recreation activities
I’m good on my own, no distraction, please
Stuck in a moment, sometimes I still feel young
Where has the time gone?
The house where I’ve lived for so long

The rest of my days at Riverview
I’m sorry I can’t spend them here with you
Hearing you calling me
Your voice a memory
Track Name: Feeling Gay

I’ve been good
Going well
There’s a fun place where I go to when I’m glad
There is nothing that can change this
I’m on a carousel
Going round
Repetition soothes me
I don’t want to be found
I’m a sucker for all sounds that make me cheerful
I find joy in feeling gay

It’s like food
It’s a monster that resides inside of me
Like a big pile of imaginations
That light a spark
I like glowing in the dark
When everyone is asleep so I won’t be disturbed
In finding joy and feeling gay

No one is in my world
(No one is in my world after all)
It’s good to be alone
(Good to be alone)
No one understands where I’ve been going all these years

So please, save me from reality
I have found my goal
I just want to be gay
Track Name: Wrong

I know it has taken me a long, long time
To reclaim my name
Remove the mountains I have climbed
Every single day in a heartless way
I learned to revel in my solitude

I could not have been wrong every day

Just like resignation mingled with regret
I’m ready for the pages that I haven’t got to yet
Shine this light knowing I’m alright
I left you long ago
You never knew that we were through
Track Name: Food For Thought

Sure, you can be proud of the place you were born
But there’s no point being fundamental
Or irrationally proud of the soil you walk upon
Excessively overblown and sentimental
Just a little knowledge of the world makes you wiser
Assuming you can understand what is said and heard

Food for thought
If you get access to food for thought

All things that can teach you how to be a better person in the end
“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, you know”
Don’t let your view be blocked by what you have always known and comprehend
“Curiosity killed the cat, how about that?”

You can discover what you like
“You might discover what you like”
And truth may cut you like a knife
“And truth won’t satisfy”
Track Name: On An Island

Something in my way of thinking isn’t quite alright
For I judge without distinction
Points of view are far and wide
I’m a judge without authority
I keep my thoughts unplayed
I know that choices made aren’t mine to serenade

Sometimes I want to be left alone
Blind to the world, everything unknown
Leave me on an island on my own

Is it because I would like to have it all my way?
I have gone through self-reflection
Wondering whether all is A-OK
On my side of this crowded part of planet Earth
Where none should criticize what it’s all worth
But then again

Sometimes I want to be left alone
Blind to the world, everything unknown
Leave me on an island
Far away from all that’s bothering me
Left on my own so I cannot see
Leave me on an island all alone

I’d like to clear my mind a little sometimes
And so I built a solid little shelter for a small amount of downtime
Track Name: Annie

She knows it’s all made of great fear and wonder
And it will be revealed on judgement day
She paved her way with sacrifice
That’s the way she’d learned to compromise

She doesn’t remember my name
Once did, but it’s gone away
A memory fading so fast
Living the same day every day
She used to get by safely on her own
Some secrets aside, like she’d always known

She had a social life
Some things you just can’t buy

And the music box will play
Play it all over again
Play it all over again
Broken records, turn away
Play it all over again
Play it all over again

There’s not that much left to call home
Surrounded by few who care
Yet she’s in this world all alone
Breathing the same old air
She used to be proud of everything she had
Now so much has changed, she’ll never understand

Where have the good times gone
They went so fast
When she was twenty-one
Those moments would forever last

Reality going away
Her memories fade
They recount all the years
She’s had more than a few

Impossible to stay awake
She wants to let go
But her heart won’t stop beating
She’s forced to relive once more
Track Name: Changes Rise

Small town girl
Trying hard to stay the same
In an ever changing world
Holding up her father’s name
There’s an empty space but she hasn’t figured out how to
Get there and then change her life
She’s daddy’s pride

One small step makes changes rise
Though it might feel like you’re moving mountains
One small step makes changes rise
Much closer to your own life

First born son
Working for the company
Like his father’s always done
Keep it in the family
Could this scheduled life be enough till the day he dies
Irritation grows inside
He’s got to hide

It’s getting clearer
As they glance into the rearview mirror
They see life pass away without really taking part
Track Name: Thirtysomething And Counting

I have come to the point where I no longer refuse
to look myself straight in the eye
Can I do more than I try or do I have to try more?
These feelings of doubt nullified

So now I search for what I really feel
Heart revealed
So surreal

I am swinging between independent and crazy
while I suddenly realize
There is no need for this great divide
What I think I know no longer can suffice

As I crave for company
I enjoy the silence in between
Friends surrounding me
Yet solitude is overwhelming
Self imposed quarantine
Track Name: Coda

Feel like I’ve lived so many lives
More than anyone should live
I’ve given all I had to give
Long before living became relative
The last thing I will know
To realise where this will go

And I can’t spend these hollow days with you
I wish I could spend them with you
I’ll be gone before this is through
Track Name: Main Street

It’s just another day on Main Street, here at Joe’s café
And the barber next door sells a small selection of good papers and some magazines
Right across there’s an ageing but well served hotel
There’s a sense of security, you can tell

It’s a plain parade
Such a plain parade
Some won’t treasure, some will celebrate
This plain parade
Just a plain parade
As it was and ever shall be

A very casual day on Main Street
Somewhere music plays
Miss Taylor, by coincidence, makes suits and skirts affordable to anyone
Mister Roberts opens up his grocery store
And the baker on the corner knows what he is baking for

In this town all days are more or less the same
I don’t wanna be a part of this community
More than meets the eye, a thin line between pride and shame
Deception and deceit still lurking underneath

All this will remain as it has always been

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